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The wings represents the vision of the society. It shows that the Society is capable of expanding all around the world without any barrier. The Society will be expanding its activities in Malaysia and around the world. The color red and blue on the wings represent the colours on Malaysian's flag and the color green and yellow represent the colour of Kedah's flag, the state this society was born. There are total of 16 colorful feathers making up the wing representing 13 states and 3 federal territories.


The snak with the stick is a universal symbol for healing which is being used in many medical-based logo. The symbol is known as the Rod of Asclepius which initially represents the field or astronomy, medicine and healing. Healing in this logo refers to the method applied in cancer treatment which includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, palliative care and others.


Brown and black circles represent a human body which is undergoing treatment for cancer by Rod of Asclepius.The brown colour represent a normal human skin and a skin that is free of cancer. The black color represents all type of cancer in human body. The seven brown dots represent seven gynaecological cancer namely ovarian, cervical,uterine, fallopian tube, vulva, vagina and gestational trophoblastic neoplasia which had been cured by Rod of Asclepius.


This logo was design and inspired by MGCS first President.

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