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About MGCS

The Malaysian Gynaecological Cancer Society (MGCS) is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization. It is endorsed by the International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS). This society was registered on 24th April 2011. The idea of having such oganization was first mooted way back in 2005 during the 1st National Gynaecology Oncology Symposium held in Alor Setar, Kedah. The pioneers who initiated it were Dr.Mohd Rushdan Md Noor, Dato' Dr.Ghazali Ismail, Prof.Dato Dr.Sivanesaratnem, Prof Dr.Siti Zawiyah, Prof Dr.Nik Mohd Zaki, A.Prof Dr.Ahmad Zailani Hatta, Dr.Vijaendrah, Dr.Lim Keng Joo and Dr.Zaridah Shafie. They sat down and explored the idea. They wanted a group/society which will bring together all Gynae Oncologist , both in the Health Ministry and also those in the academic institutions. The initial intention was to have collaborative group in research but later extended to more role including creating a nation-wide network to facilitate better co-ordination and cooperation in providing better care for gynae cancer patients. There wasn't much change in the status quo following the initial meeting. The idea however remained. Following that, activities related to gynae oncology subspeciality and training were regularly held. These program were supported by both sides; those in the government hospitals as well as those in the universities. Later, there was also participation from oversea speakers such as from Singapore,Thailand, Indonesia and United Kingdom.


These activities included included; the 2006 National Pre-Invasive Workshop in Alor Setar, HSB-KKH Advanced Pelvic Surgery Workshop in Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital, Alor Setar, 2nd National Gynaecology Oncology Symposium in Kuantan, Pahang, 3rd National Gynae Oncology Seminar in University Malaya , 2007,2008 and 2009 Regional Colposcopy Workshop in Kuala Terengganu, Kangar and Ipoh respectively.


From the year 2000 onwards, the Health Ministry had created a formal training programme in the sub-speciality of Gynae Oncology. Under the Committee for Welfare and National O&G services (JKPOG), qualified and selected specialists were identified to undergo a 3 years structured training programme. The trainees were exposed to both local and overseas mentoring and hands-on apprenticeship. Since then the pool of trained Gynae Oncologists has expanded and these experts are placed in tertiary hospitals all over Malaysia.


In 2010, a group of Gynae Oncologists  from Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, took the initiative to revive the idea of having a specific organisation for Gynae Oncologists. It will serve as a platform for them to contribute more to society, and at the same time look into the welfare of its members. After much deliberation, they came up with the name and its constitution. The logo for this society was the brainchild of its Proterm Committee Chairperson himself (please click on this link to learn more about the logo). The rest of the Gynaecology Oncology fraternity were also eager and supportive about this new venture. There is no divide between the government hospitals or university settings; they came together as a single entity.


It was no mean feat drafting the constitution, identifying the objectives of the society and getting all the paper-works completed. After all the hard work, on 24th April 2011, MGSC became officially registered. The first President of MGCS was Dr. Mohd Rushdan Mohd Noor.


The Objectives of MGCS are listed below:


(1)       To improve the health and well-being of Malaysian women suffering from

           gynaecological cancers.

(2)       To promote and improve standards of care of patients with gynaecological cancers.

(3)       To promote postgraduate, undergraduate and community education in the areas of

            gynaecological cancers.

(4)       To promote research into the prevention, early detection, quality of life and

            treatment of women with gynaecological cancers.

(5)       To advice upon and assist in the training and teaching in gynaecological cancers.

(6)       To undertake other such activities as would support the achievement of the stated



The first activity undertaken by MGCS was the 1st National Cervical Cancer Symposium which was held in Langkawi on 6th-9th of July 2011.  It was the first such symposium held in Malaysia and it attracted great interest. More than 300 participants registered comprising all branches of medical fraternity. Besides Paramedics, we had Pathologists, Oncologists, Pharmacists, Family Physicians and Public Health Specialists. From the O&G fraternity, we had house officers, medical officers, specialists, consultants and Gynae Oncologists. The symposium was officiated by Dato’ Dr. Azmi Shafie, the Director of Medical Developments for the Ministry of Health. The Symposium was the incipient venue for MGCS to announce its existence and to generate interest in its activities. The Council members were very honoured as IGSC (the International Gynecologic Oncologic Society) had certified MGCS as its affiliate and IGCS had in fact helped with sponsorship for the symposium.



President : Dr.Mohd Rushdan Md Noor

Vice President : Dr.Zaridah Shafie

Honorary Secretary : Dr.Ahmad Muzamir Ahmad Mustafa

Deputy Secretary : Dr.Shahila Tayib

Treasurer : Dr.Ismail Aliyas

Deputy Treasurer : Dr.Zamzida Yusof

Committee Members:

Dr.Yong Chee Meng

A.Prof Dr.Ahmad Zailani Hatta

Dr. Mary Jenifer Makajang

Dr. Sim Wee Wee


The main Council Members will be elected in the General Meeting which will be held every 2 years.



As in most other dedicated associations/societies, there will be subcommittees to ensure relevant activities/programmes are drawn up and subsequently carried out . We have identified certain members to manage the subcommittees and they are:

Cancer Prevention : Dr. Vigneshwaran, Dr.Mary Jennifer,Dr.Suguna Subramaniam

Training,Research and Publication : A.Prof Dr.Hatta,Dr.Yong Chee Meng, Dr.Mohd Rushdan

Oncology Support Group and Palliative Care : Dr.Sim Wee Wee, Dr. Zaridah Shafie

Social,Publicity and Public Education: Dr.Nor Anita Abdullah, Dr.Azmy Mohd Yusof



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